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4K is so hard to work with, but figuring it out so I can get this vlog up, here's a short clip! Subscribe to my YouTube (link in bio) so you don't miss it! _ Music by @thegr8khalid

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Probably the lowest resolution of all time... but those shoulders though 🤔 I'll be in Naples, FL for a week, next week. Hit me up if you're in that area! _ Online Coaching: Get results.


In 3 weeks I leave for Spain where I'll be living until May. During that time I will be traveling all over Europe as much as possible. Italy, Greece, Germany, UK, France, and Netherlands are just a few of the places on my list. I'm excited to document this new lifestyle of mine with you on all social media as I transition into a travel/fitness YouTuber and dominate that space. Investing about $5k into camera equipment this month before I leave so I can not only give you the best content but also the highest quality content, filming in 4K. Besides vlogging nearly daily during this time, I will be filming a documentary based on the overall message of my vlogs which is; living your life to get the most out of it. You should expect to see me crushing the gym, the clubs, and of course the YouTube game. While doing all this, I want to document the process of launching my 3rd business, my baby, Zeal, which has been in the development process for nearly a year. Expected to launch early summer. You'll see it all. With your support, I will pave the way for the next generation of fitness/lifestyle content creators. I want to collab with many European YouTubers! TAG YOUR FAVORITE ONES! #legend _ ALSO, I will be going to BodyPower! Can't wait to meet you guys, want me to make a series leaning down for it as I would for a regular competition?


Click the link in my bio!!! _ Funny story... I edited this while I was like half asleep and fell asleep at my desk. So honestly could've done way better on this one, but still think it's pretty unique and if you don't subscribe to my YouTube this tank will come for you. _ Online Coaching:


Random pic, caption is more important - If you don't know, I have released a program today for New Years resolutions, it is designed to help you lose 10 pounds in 1 month as a kickstart to your weight loss!!! It is something myself and @danny_getsfit designed so click the link in my bio! Something like this normally costs hundreds of dollars put this is only $40!!! Take action on your goals, you'll never understand how much you're capable of until you do. _ Also, on all other programs you can take 15% off using code "NEWYEAR" on my website -


Watch & Double-Tap! ❤ Can't change the game by doing the same thing everyone else is doing. Hope you guys enjoy the effort and unique style I put into my editing now. Have you seen this? Watch my recent video called "Happy Holidays" on my YouTube channel. _ Today's video is up though, link in bio!

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Just posted a new video titled "Aesthetic Back & Bicep Workout Explained" link in bio! In this video I walk you through my approach to working out these body parts with the mindset of maximizing aesthetics. Check it out, link in my bio! Dropping a thumbs up helps a tonnnnnn. Hope you all had a great holiday. _ Online Coaching: DM any questions.


Double-tap if you pumped for the holidays! - If you haven't seen my latest video click the link in my bio! I'm also taking on a few more clients, let me know if you're interested!


New Video, link in bio! You NEED to see this one Realllllyyy informative video today. Anyone from beginner to advanced should check this one out, you'll definitely learn something! I appreciate you watching and don't forget to drop a like and leave a comment! - Online Coaching: DM / Email me by pressing "contact" in my bio.


My good friend @danny_getsfit is SO CLOSE to 100k here on Instagram. It would be so awesome if you guys could go follow him and help him get there! He has an extremely motivational transformation, losing over 140 pounds! Let's get him to 100k, he deserves that milestone! @danny_getsfit _ Have you seen my latest video yet? Link in bio! _ Online Coaching: & DM any questions.


PLEASE READ & WATCH THE FULL VIDEO! This is part of an awesome workout edit I did in today's video. It would mean the world to me if you could click the link in my bio & show some love on the video. The video is called "The TRUTH About What I've Been Taking" and it is a vlog with my answers to your questions from the Q&A! I hope you guys see the constant increase in effort I put into my videos. I want to help you reach your goals, and I want to interact with all of you so always comment and stay connected with me! Double tap this video! ❤ _ Online Coaching:

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Same person in both photos, it's just that the one on the right is constantly working to make the one on the left, proud. Never give up on your dreams. _ Online Coaching:


Took this picture the other day. The beauty this picture brings out, speaks to me, it actually directly translates to "click the link in my bio, and watch yesterday's video if you've missed it! Don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!" Amazing.


From the new vlog I just posted! Link in bio! Like, comment, & Subscribe! This video was made on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and it was my first time using this beast of a software. I've been using iMovie since I started YouTube and it was time for an upgrade. Going to be delivering the best content I possibly can, consistently, now that I have tools to help with that. Click the link in my bio & enjoy! _ Online Coaching Questions? DM me!


Q&A: Comment a Fitness related question below, and I'll be answering some of them in my next video. If you haven't Subscribed yet, click the link in my bio and Subscribe to stay connected with me. _ Online Coaching:


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