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Ni Pt Sukma Dewi Mahayani 👰🏻 @sukmadewimy's profile photo/

Ni Pt Sukma Dewi Mahayani 👰🏻 @sukmadewimy


Images by @sukmadewimy

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A big piece of my heart lives in heaven and she is my mums 💝 I miss you like a lot, i miss our conversation, i miss your voice, i miss your smile, i miss you more than everything in this world. Don't you know, mum? Can you just come back to the world again, back to life, be here, even its very impossible? im just really need you right now! 😫

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I wish you get a good and happy place up there, mom 💝 your body may not here but i know your heart always stay with us 💝 i love you forever my beautiful angel 💝i'll meet you in heaven someday 💝


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