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My very first friend in ACS Sitiawan just got hitched! Selamat pengantin baru @izzatburhan & wife #izzatnia

18.2.2017 10:44:57 11

We wish you both a lifetime happiness! ❤

15.2.2017 10:39:38 4

Another birthday, so you are growing older gradually. Happy 23rd, Ben! #belatedbirthday #alahsayangadikkakak

14.2.2017 16:45:11 2
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See you when I see you, Dr Yaya!

11.2.2017 13:22:08 1

Kindly double tap to inspire you. Lol

30.1.2017 19:05:58 2

Exchanging watches no problem #wearegoodfriendswhat

29.1.2017 05:03:50 1
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Nanti kita pegi jalan-jalan okie

8.1.2017 08:14:13 5

Jalan hidup kita tak sama, doa yang baik-baik

4.1.2017 16:12:46 0

Esok mu ada paper kan? Selamat maju jaya

2.1.2017 13:53:14 1

Wedding Fadhli Arbain & wife. Congrats to both :D (pengantin busy makan )

18.12.2016 08:22:05 26
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My heart is so heavy, I have no words.

18.11.2016 14:57:33 0

Big girl don't cry kan kan cc: Kak Long

12.11.2016 16:25:46 8
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From your life I have learnt, to be patient and caring at every turn. The reason I’m strong...You’re where I belong

20.10.2016 12:38:43 0

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