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I sometimes wonder how people just wait for changes, but don't realize they can start from themselves.

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"Making people laugh is a defense mechanism to cast away the tangled thoughts in my head." -CSH

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We were given this wonderful world to live better, but because of our selfishness we are slowly letting it die.


16/01/17 a normal day I think, so I was hoping for days to have the opportunity to at least see Taeyang Hyung, since yesterday I was full of Hope, I was sure that I would do everything to meet him or just sneak at him, but soon after I got off from 'work' I was losing hope because of differents boundaries I found on the way, but 3 minutes before they all came out from the show, I managed to arrive in time and Thank God for letting me achieve this goal. 1/5 I'll wait for you Hyungs! Even though I'll have to wait, I'll be persevere, no matter what I want to accomplish my wish list! Keep Rocking @__youngbae__ Hyung, PLEASE COMEBACK HERE IN MILAN WITH THE OTHERS! 😭😭❤❤❤ #bigbang  #Taeyang 

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How beautiful it is believing even though you can't see it yet, believing that everything is always gonna be alright is the best remedy for every anxiety. #ThinkPositive  😌🙏🏻


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