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#Repost ・・・ Take a good look. If you look at it, it's all Bianconeri or black and white,and is shaped like a shield, if you only look at the white stripes you can find a double J which in Japanese means strength, while with only looking at the black color you can find a central J in black. Yes, it's only an alphabetic letter, but starting from yesterday, it now means Juventus worldwide as NY means the Yankees. Commercially it is a bomb, we can put our icon on everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry, without going around like a juventini from the ultras. We are light years ahead of Italian teams , but on the other hand,looking back, we surely know the history of Juventus. #ForzaJuve  ⚪️⚫️ #2bejuventus  #finoallafine  #juventus 

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Mohon bersabar ini ujian, tolong itu emosinya biasa aja ga usah sambil ketawa emosinya. Kontrol tolong bersabar tolong. @oksha_idiww @andipurnama72 @frograstafara @ajengciku @fondadaulika @wahyuhardeka @deeakristy


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