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Froyo out of a fish? Why not! This cute idea originated from Korea (as do pretty much all cute ideas) and is basically a fish shaped waffle with fillings inside, froyo and a little topping. I got the original flavoured waffle (the other option is chocolate) with custard filling (other options include red bean paste, Nutella) with a marshmallow and drizzled with chocolate syrup. I did enjoy it, its honestly a different way to enjoy the flavours from the ice cream to the waffle and bang, you get to the custard filling! At times there is a long queue outside of the shop. Certainly will have it again! 10/10

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Wanting the best meal? Dome! Yes it might be pricy but its worth the quality and portion. The gourmet chicken pie. A homestyle chicken and mushroom filling topped with a golden pastry cap and served in a porcelain bowl. Served with sautéed vegetables as well. The pastry cap acted as a lid and this the inside was warm and remained mouth watering. The Grilled beef steak on the other hand was a tender air-flown Australian steak served with garlic butter, chips and seasonal vegetables. The steak was perfectly done with full of amaizing great flavours, the proportion was there as well; big in size. The chewiness was well maintained and cooked to perfection. The steak was soft yet tasted rich.

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Turkish delight, Halqum (حلقوم), Mann Al Sama (من السما) 📍 : Dubai

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