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This is where all my pain relief , barz are my pain killer . I got nothing to do with talent . All you see is my hardwork cause hardwork beats talent ✨ hey relaxlah , kenapa serious ? @hrthasyrf #uitmstreetworkout 


Now , I'm living my life to the fullest . I have what I need , I do what I want and always be prepared for whats to come . Always be ready , relaxlah kenapa perlu gelabah ? Janganlah serious haha ✨

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Have faith . Sometimes it seems like there's nothing more this world has to offer except pain . Perhaps you've given up on having faith in there being a happy tomorrow but what really do we have in this world besides it ? Faith , it's something so simple . Most people mistake it for a false hope that isn't worth waiting on. There's no harm in trying . No one is stopping you from giving up , why have you not then ? Why do you keep fighting ? Deep down only you know why . What's to come is better than what have passed ✨


Be brave enough to let go of what no longer serves you and patient enough to hold on to what you really want ✨


Allah hears, even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart. So never stop praying and put your faith in Him. It's time to move on from the past. Hoping to be a better person soon ! May Allah bless ✨

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You have to be willing to lose in order to win . In love . In life . In everything you'll ever do ✨ - bettermanproject


When one door slam shut , the right one opens for you . It's a gift . The wrapping on it doesn't feel that great , but when you uncover it all , it will begin to make sense . What isn't for us will always leave us . What is for us will be there to stay 💕 - bettermanproject


You made it look easy . The way you made promises and then later turned back on your word , like you almost didn't feel an ounces of guilt for lying at all . They say true colours are revealed at last , but my god what a facade you put on🔥- @lostinthedunya


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