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Look what I woke up to today!!! . I wouldn't change a thing either. 2 years ago I took a chance on this crazy coaching thing because I already knew I lived the products and the shake... it was a no brainer. It was the whole trying to help others I was unsure about. . 2 years ago I was already someone who lived this company's offerings... I was in. I needed to persuading. . How would I help others see and experience what I already had? How would I help people get results? Would I fail? What's an online office? How do I run my own groups? . The only way to know was to just try, believe, learn, invest time, and not give up. . Here I am... 2 years later and a week from having attended my first Diamond Retreat. It has not come without sacrifice, tears, work, time, and doubt... but as I look forward to the future... I know that weathering the storms was part of the journey as with anything in life.

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Blessed to have such a solid team Everything changed when I decided to take the leap of faith. Who's ready to level up this year?

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Je voit encore plus loin

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