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#repost @brightsidefarmsanctuary Meet my very special friend Lynnie. I rescued her from the most horrific factory pig farm. It was the largest supplier to one of Tasmania's biggest supermarkets. The pigs were in crates just inches bigger than their bodies. Many had no water, so I took a bucket and poured water into one mouth after another; the rows after rows of desperately thirsty animals begging for water broke my heart. Some pigs were too weak to stand and had horrifically swollen legs, some had maggots on their emaciated bodies, others were unsteady on their feet. There was mud and filth and maggots everywhere. Lynnie was a baby. Some of her siblings were dead. They had no mum. I called the police. The owners were convicted of aggravated cruelty and about 6 months later they closed down. Lynnie has accompanied me on many news stories as well as 60 minutes and Stateline. She has visited many schools as well as Parliament House in Hobart. She is one awesome, awesome pig and I adore her. Many people don't realise pigs are one of the worlds smartest creatures. Lynnie can be out in the paddock with her 55 pig friends and I call out "Lynnie" and she will be the only pig to lift her head and walk over to me.

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Today I keep asking myself why am I going so slow, why is it so windy, why so many hills! why does today's workout have to be so difficult. Then I realize I was asking the wrong questions . Don't question your why . follow it . The why is what it's all about it! When you find something that keeps popping up for you or something you just can't shake, don't ask why. Ask why not and follow it‍️! See where it takes you. Be ready for what's next. Wishing you all a spectacular Monday ! * * Today I hit my 38 mile ride . My new personal record! Still building my miles. Strong winds 15mph . Hills after hills . thankful I finished it slow and easy but I did it! ️ * * * * * #whynot #positive #dreams #passion #pursue #quote #quote oftheday #faith #goodvibes #signs #destiny #hope #inspire

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