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Who said the Lou ain't getting Heavy 🤙🏾⛽ @heavyg_ #GetHeavy  #NewLou  on they way🔥🔥

7:03am 01/21/2017 2
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A little burnout action in the #PonyEtr . Who needs line lock when you know how to drive. 😍 This is my personal Car.

8:02pm 01/13/2017 4
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Can't wait till dis #FreeRello2  Tape #Drop  Cuz da first one was a #claasic  #LongLiveSwaggHuncho  i must say @3problems_liltay been keeping da group #3problems  name alive especially since he's da only one left here with us #Rello  doing time right now and #swagghuncho  is Resting in heaven but I feel as if there both still here Cuz #lilTay  have been repping hard for the group and he's probably da hottest rap artist in da city of #StLouis  right now hands down no argument I'm stamping it now mark my word the world and everyone will know who #3problemss  is real soon #KeepUp  da grind Lil Tay u killing em and putting on for our city 💯💪 #314  #chicago  #detriot  #midwest  #atl  #ohio  #stlmusicscene  #artist  #hiphop  #rap  #music  #NewLou  #FreeRello2  #southside  #trap 

7:09am 01/10/2017 0

Don't forget. I sell all these brands and tons of used cars every month. Plus I'm the best at doing it. Google Mike Davenport or Chevy Dude and look what all my customers have to say about me.

12:37pm 01/06/2017 2

2007 1 owner Corvette sold and headed to Chicago on Saturday. It's not convertible weather but we all hope it will be soon. 🌞

8:56pm 01/05/2017 2

Self parallel parking car? Yuuup the 2015 SS sedan I just took in on trade with only 5k miles does that.

9:20pm 01/04/2017 8

When you want to take a break after finding new roads with your 2017 Chevy Cruze.

10:49pm 01/03/2017 1
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2004 Corvette, 2 owner, 89k miles, new tires, priced at $15,995.

8:03pm 01/03/2017 3

Me and my little Momma at @plsthnks ☕️

5:57pm 12/26/2016 2
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How we are watching the UKvsUofL game here at @bachmanautogroup

11:41pm 12/21/2016 2

Another happy ZE1 customer. This one headed to Indiana. Happy to help him and he can't wait till spring.

8:01pm 12/16/2016 5
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Love my job and love selling some cool cars. 3 days of work. Over 8,000 views on YouTube, 33 different conversations on one car I finally sold this thing. 4th ZL1 I've sold. #chevydude 

10:31pm 12/14/2016 13

Celebrating my goofy brother's 28th birthday in Louisville this weekend. Gonna try to find him a real mint julep somewhere. #newlou 

4:47pm 12/10/2016 0
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@heavyg_ @3problemss @kingb314 @loosecannonslim @3iphunchoo @kushsmokegunsmoke_ @12million2x @chopsquaddj @youngchopbeatz @___king__louie___ @djbandz2x @djtab314 @nolimitherbo @_lillonnie_ @imlildurk2x @cudi_mula @_officialjr LINK IN BIO🙏🏿

6:42pm 11/27/2016 2
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Niggas switching i should call en tyler perry's thats det shit det get u stomped out nigga like cranberries💪🏾🎤‼️ Da real can relate 💯 #StayTuned  #USgang  #Inmyprime  @mymixtapez #NewLou 

5:51pm 11/11/2016 0

Link in Bio Listen Asap💪🏾🎤‼️ #NewLou 

1:31am 11/09/2016 1

&& We Gone Stand🕴🔟Toes👟👟 && We Gone Take Off🛩 Like A Rocket🚀 .. #HeavyG  💪🏾 #NewLou  📽🎞 Onaa Wayyy😳‼️

7:09am 11/03/2016 4
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It's Our Time To Shine, It's Our Time To Win 💯 We At The Door, They Gon Let Us In ❗️ #NewLou 

1:34am 11/03/2016 12

1st Camaro ZL1 delivered in the country. 😍 how fast you drive this?

7:44pm 11/02/2016 4

#NEWLOU  💪🏾💯 Nun Like The OLD👴🏾 .. 😅😅 📸JSM

3:18am 11/02/2016 0
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Heyyyyyy Who Put This On YouTube Fuckin Pussies Lol But Since I Just Found This On YouTube And They Just Got It On out There #LINKINBIO  💚🙄 Guess they waitin on that #NEWLOU  3 too 😏

7:00pm 10/30/2016 2
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