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Hello everybody! Happy Monday. I hope you had a great & relaxing weekend (with a bit of self-care). I personally noticed that I really don't tend to pamper myself ever. I don't want to generalize but I think so many times young professional women like ourselves tend to neglect showing ourselves some love. We prioritize all of the things we have to do that we forget about what we should do. When we take care of ourselves and even give ourselves that extra little bit of love, we feel valued and worth it. Sure you may feel like your money could be better utilized but loving yourself is good for the soul. You'll go out into the world holding your chin up a bit higher. Maybe you'll even have the confidence to go for that new job, try a new fitness class or talk to the guy you've had your eye on. It may seem silly but I challenge everyone to do one thing to pamper themselves by Sunday. See how you feel afterwards. If that means getting a manicure or pedicure even if you never do or going to get the haircut you've been putting off, maybe it's buying the new shoes you've had your eye on forever or getting a massage or Reiki healing. Whatever it is have fun and do it because YOU are worth it! Comment below when you complete the task:) I'll keep you updated on what I do!

Afternoon forecast: 99% chance of coffee! This mama is T-I-R-E-D!! 5 days, 3 kids, 2 high fevers and 1 puker. I'm running on caffeine and sarcasm today - keep up!! #sarcasm #sick #caffeine #tired

Don't mess with this one!!@hannahlouiseluck showing how it's done! Shot for @freshfitnessfood at @foundryfit ... such a cool training space!!

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