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They say there's one greatest love for each of us; the ultimate soulmate. Maybe they're right. But I'm pretty sure we all agree that we do fall in love countless times in a lifetime. We fall in #love  with our parents, with our siblings, children, family, friends, strangers, experiences, places and #nature . And today, I fell in love with this #beauty ! #frontyard  . . . . . . . . #pilipinasdestination  #thetravellersedition  #createexploretakeover  #earthfever  #modernouterdoorsman  #theheavenearth  #instagood  #TravelDudes  #sunset  #sunsetlovers  #sunsethunter  #wheninmanila  #curatorfilipino  #beautifulworld  #beautifulview  #instagram  #instagrammers  #sunsetporn  #philippines  #mindanao  #itsmorefuninthephilippines  #coconut  #sunset 🌅 @pilipinasdestination @thetravellersedition @travelling.dailys #TraversePhilippines 

10:25am 01/12/2017 0
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Rorschach test 2: what do you see?

2:33am 01/01/2017 12

Tropical Storm is on its way

1:04am 12/30/2016 8
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Rorschach test: what do you see ?

5:41am 12/25/2016 22

Seeing the temples in Angkor was truly an experience. Witnessing a sunrise behind Angkor Wat is one of the biggest tourist attraction in Angkor and as such the number of tourist there at 5am was mind boggling.... and yes tourists totally ruined my sunrise. I hate crowds. *I am aware that as a tourist it is a very hypocritical thing to say* 😆

1:17pm 12/21/2016 5

The markets in Phnom Penh are crazy ! They have everything and anything in the smallest of places. You could wander for hours in those labyrinths just being mesmerized by the energy of the place.

3:03pm 12/18/2016 16
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Day in and day out this elderly woman works in her field harvesting rice. And then there's me; still figuring out how to get out of bed in the morning 🤔

2:31pm 12/13/2016 12

Slept in a shack last night on Rabbit Island. I didn't see any rabbit; the name is misleading. On the other hand what I did see was a big @#% spider falling out of my tshirt when I picked it up to put it on. There is really not much to do on this patch of sand. So I went around the island in about an hour and since I seem to have trouble with having nothing to do, I ate my way out of boredom 🍉

2:24pm 12/11/2016 4

You know the saying: "it's so clean you could eat off the floor". Well it doesnt apply here at all.

3:23am 12/11/2016 3
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The MCS (maison de la culture et du sport) in Kep welcomes everyday dozens of children to teach them english and to give them a place to gather and play sports. My home for the next few weeks.

2:07pm 12/07/2016 3

If you ever thought driving in your city was tough 😊

1:20am 12/07/2016 7
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Waking up in Phnom Penh is a strange and remarquable experience. I arrived late last night. It was already dark out, it was hot and the air thick as it had just rained. Apparently the monsoon should be over but seems to be lingering. (A result of global warming?). The tuck tuck ride in the darkness from the airport to my hotel was very far from reassuring as I could see only glimps of what seemed to be a worned down city. I went to bed anguished, completely jet lagged and unable to find sleep. But when the sun rose, it unvailed a magical place: a city rich culturally that hustles and bustles like no other and that is home to a population with the friendliest faces :) Day 1 was a good day 😊

1:17pm 12/06/2016 14

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