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Tomorrow morning!!! I'll be opening up this group to share all about how I turned my mission to get into shape, become healthy and happy and let go of all the negative crap in my life that was making me miserable into an opportunity that has allowed me to leave corporate America and work from home. . Our group is private with ZERO strings attached. I'll be sharing info each day about what I do, how I earn an income doing it and how you could get started. . If you want to learn more shoot me a message or drop your favorite emoji below. If you're having a case of Sunday Night Anxiety (I used to get this every week ) then maybe it's time to try something different. . This opportunity isn't for everyone but it has completely changed my life. If there's an even the LITTLEST bit of you that feels like you want to know more join us to see what it's all about!!

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Lookout Monday, these ladies are coming after you! 5:30am Sunrise Bootcamp @ Fairhope Pier 8:10am Tabata Training @ CLC 9:30am Bootcamp @ CLC

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When in NYC the #KickItInstructors work out all day, then dance all night. Had a great time taking classes at @rumble_boxing, @boxandflow and @theclassbytt. Current position: Legs up the wall. Thanks to @benjamineld and @yanni_benas for being part of the party.

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Desejo do domingo..

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