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@shinsugino and the guys meticulously sorting to find the perfect peanuts. These peanuts were used for the 360 rig shot we posted the boomerang for before the winter holidays. Final spot will be up on social media soon!

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@sagelov3 In the lab putting together another classic. "Red Paint" will be out soon. #SVAfilmanimation

With Sundance in full effect, this year marks the 25th Anniversary for Reservoir Dogs. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 1992. It became the festival's most talked-about film, and was picked up for distribution by Miramax Films. After being shown at several other film festivals, including Cannes & Toronto, Reservoir Dogs opened in the U.S. in 19 theaters with a first week total of $147,839. It was expanded to 61 theaters and totaled $2,832,029 at the domestic box office. Tarantino had brought his script to Park City the previous year as part of the 1991 Directors Lab, where he workshopped scenes with filmmakers like Terry Gilliam and Monte Hellman. Reservoir Dogs absolutely fit Sundance’s mission to showcase movies that defied standard conventions of American cinema. Although Tarantino’s various formal and narrative tricks — fractured timelines, long takes and rapid-fire, "musical" dialogue — have long since become commonplace in his own films and in those of numerous imitators,. In '92 they were still cutting edge. Take Reservoir Dogs‘ famous opening sequence, where the eight-man heist squad tasked with stealing a batch of valuable diamonds sits around a diner table riffing on everything from the art of tipping to the real meaning of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.” It’s clear right away that these guys — who will later turn on each other when the heist falls apart — were not your average Hollywood gangsters. At this year's Sundance, Tarantino and producer Lawerence Bender will do a Q&A after a screening of Reservoir Dogs, this Friday? Jan 27th. Tag a true Tarantino fan #quentintarantino #reservoirdogs #25thanniversary

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Shot a bunch of industrial and manufacturing things lately. It's always cool playing with contract and colors in "live environments". More coming soon.

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