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It's not just about providing affordable housing. It's about women reclaiming their lives. #AffordableHousing #womenshousing #ReclaimYourLife

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I just got off the phone with the American Lung Association, who is interviewing me about why I climb each year. I got to share the story of my incredible Mom who fought so hard through the face of Lung disease. She was so strong- but now I have to be strong for her! Please consider donating to the tremendous cause. I have a lofty $2500 goal this year, the most I've ever raised. It's an amazing honor to climb in her and my family's name!! #lungdisease #copd #fightforair #donate #strongwomen #imissyoumom

Congratulations on making it through a cold and rainy Monday! Why don't you celebrate by treating yourself to a ticket to this Saturday's Oyster Roast! You can still enjoy early bird pricing and proceeds benefit @fields2families. Click the link in our profile to grab your tickets today!

Did you know that 17.4% of all children are living in poverty in Australia. That is staggering. So Yoobi have teamed up with the Smith Family to help these disadvantaged children have a better start to their school year. They are donating FIVE stationery items for every high five selfie with tags @yoobiaustralia and #highfive #itsagooddaytogive #donate #bekind . Also a shout out to for making me aware of this great cause

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Our #fundraising events, flea markets, sponsorship programs and volunteer work are only a few of the many initiatives we take on every year to improve the lives of thousands of children in #latinamerica . Thanks to our #sponsors and our #ambassadors we are able to keep on #DevelopingSmiles

The seed of dreams is hope! Let's remember the importance of staying positive. • Visit the Hope Heals Foundation website (link in bio) to see how we are sharing our message!

We love getting messages like this from a recent donor: "So glad that we could give our money to someone who really needs it. We wanted to keep the money local and there's no better place to give it. I was so overwhelmed visiting yesterday. What you and your team do is truly amazing".

IF ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS GAVE A £1 THAT WOULD BE OVER £230!! My @minimandy1987 's mum found a 1p sized lump in November 2016 and assumed it was breast cancer, her tests begun...When they received the all clear the family was over the moon! Two days later Kim was told it was lymphoma and growing very aggressively! By Christmas 2016 it was the size of a tennis ball and growing in size every day...January 2017 and Kim has stage 4 non Hodgkin lymphoma...Treatment of chemotherapy will do more harm than it will probably do any good...She is doing so well, with a supportive family by her side❤️we couldn't be more proud of her! The family hope to raise money so that Kim can live what life she has healthy as can be! So Kim and her family need YOUR help for medical options, funeral costs, travels and whatever else this money can help with! Every penny helps...Even if you can't afford to donate please share and keep this post active in the hope that more and more people will see and donate❤️Thank you in advance ❤️ #help #donate

I couldn't be there marching, but I just #donate d to #plannedparenthood ! If this election shows anything, it shows that we can't expect anyone to support what is important to us, other than ourselves. Don't let climate science, women's/family health, your health, or poverty fall to the wayside. #donate ! #getinvolved ! #moneytalks #womensmarch

Spread the ❤️ Tag a #newscrew Family & Friends Lend Me Your Ear @kidney4mydad has Polycystic Kidney Disease or "PKD". This is a genetic disorder, which means it's passed down from my relatives. His Dad & Grandmother both passed away from this terrible disease. There is NO cure for PKD. Dialysis & Transplants are the only opportunity to continue. His kidneys are functioning @ less than 12% each. yes 12% I need a Kidney Transplant before they stop working completely. 15% = kidney failure - NOT 0% like you would assume. He's under that @ 12% I need your help. I'm looking for a match for my Dad #kidney 4jeff #kidney transplant #kidney #kidney diseaseawareness #polycystickidneydisease #donate life #PKD @kidney4mydad #raddad #gfr #needanorgan #needakidney # #give #behind #love each other #donate #savealife #awesome #rescue

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Maynor was twelve when he came to us in 2013, one of four children in his family. Six years ago Maynor’s father, a teacher, died suddenly, leaving the family heartbroken and in extreme poverty. Maynor’s mother had been a housewife but then had to look for work to support her family. She began to clean the home of a wealthy woman and Maynor would often go along and help. His mother said that he is the type of child a mother can always count on. One day, Maynor was helping his mother do laundry. They were up on the terrace, hanging clothes on the line to dry. The house was protected by electrical wire and, when Maynor threw a shirt over the line by mistake, 13,000 electrical volts went through his entire body. When he woke up, his mother was crying because she thought he was dead. He also began to cry. The woman of the house, instead of offering to help, fired Maynor’s mother and gave them the equivalent of $26 to fend for themselves. Maynor’s mother was desperate. They rushed to a local hospital and his life was saved. However, there was no opportunity for burn repair surgery and Maynor went home with terrible burns. After a few months, Maynor’s mother heard a radio announcement about a Partner for Surgery Mobile Medical Mission. Maynor and his mother made the journey and were given a surgical slot with our May team specializing in burns. Partner for Surgery brought together a surgical team with Canada’s Project Hands and local reconstructive surgeons from Roosevelt Hospital, Drs. Lourdes Santiso and Jeane Fuenmayor to help 32 burn victims – mostly children, including Maynor. Project Hands provided surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, supplies and staff and Dr. Santiso and Dr. Fuenmayor provided their world-class surgical care. In July 2013, Maynor had a second surgery through Partner for Surgery, a surgical team with Faces of Hope and local physicians, Drs. Santiso and Fuenmayor. Both operations slowly released the flesh that melted together, contorting his body. The July surgical team released the fused skin behind his knees, allowing Maynor to straighten his legs again. #guatemala #guatemala n #donate #fundraising #surgery #mayan #medicalcare

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