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A creepy thing happened to me today. I was out back in the barn & listening to music until I heard something. I then saw Justice freaking the crap out of the Alpacas. She then ran away like lightning & did her little bunny hop that she does when she's excited. * So I ran after her to get her & all of the sudden she was gone. Disappeared. She couldn't of jumped the fence into the bush because it was too high & there was no where else for her to go. So I looked everywhere calling her name and she was nowhere to be found. * So I went back to the house & asked in a panic, "did Justice come back to the house? I saw her roaming the back". The reply that I got was "she was never out of the house" Whatever I saw, it was big like a mastiff, black and had a looooong tail. It also had a lumbering gait. Apparently, a rare black cougar has been spotted in the area recently (which I was a little skeptical about at first). It mauled a miniature horse. I'm starting to think that I ran after a cougar or some other predator #ohgoodness #sillyme #dearlord

16.2.2017 05:17:52 14
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#dearlord please let me go into labor there's nothing like being sicker than a dog and 8.5 months pregnant ..I can't get comfortable anymore .. I'm getting so fat looking like a oompa lumpa #pregnant #babybelly

20.2.2017 01:43:32 0

Lagu ini bagus bgt.. ajak anak2 nyanyi lagu ini, so touching. Dear Lord Dear Lord please teach us to pray For me want to Know you more each Day Help us to believe every Word you say To trust in you and live by faith I only want what you want for my life Holy Spirit come down on me In everything I say and all that I do May it be pleasing unto you Cover by #cabbygail #3y5mo #sincere_fam #dearlord #singing

20.2.2017 01:28:29 5
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Oh baby GAME CHANGER! This protein ice cream tastes like the real deal!!! I'm literally going to go buy it in every flavor! We barely ate 1/4 of it before feeling full!

19.2.2017 07:53:38 5

#dearlord May I walk in and stay focused. And may I come out with the 1 thing I came in for... #Amen #targetrun

19.2.2017 04:50:53 5
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#repost @drsmashlove with @repostapp ・・・ The look on my face when a girl come fresh out the shower, unwrap her hair, and the tips drop down and wet her Tetas #dearlord #YourServantIsWeak #forgiveme #ForTheRatchetTingsImmaDoToThisWoman

19.2.2017 02:16:35 1

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