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Bridal Gowns Clear Out !Sample Sale. Don't miss out40%,50% & 70% off in stock bridal Some are only $99.99 #sale #clearout #weddingdresses #tag a friend.

20.2.2017 07:10:17 0
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I found a place to hang my poo emoji! on the bathroom door a bit of toilet humour I've had such a productive awesome weekend cleaning out all the stuff in my house that doesn't bring me joy to reading up on some badass bopo material culminating in a house party meeting new people! Perfect end to a rubbish week. Bring on other fun times with my support network next week

19.2.2017 23:11:37 1

Beginning the process of sorting the bookcase by colour again, inspired by @stellytots and her rainbow shed. Faves in the red section so far. Strength to love by Martin Luther King, and the private life of the brain by Susan Greenfield. Artwork in the red frame by @hannah_stoney_artist . . . . . . #hhredfeb #redfeb ruary #redfeb #red #books #redbooks #susangreenfield #brain #art #letsmakeart #readmorebooks #martinlutherking #clearout #photographersdayoff #vsco #darkwood

19.2.2017 21:29:52 0
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Sunday spent listening to Mylo and collaging with a vast array of glossies that have cluttered my flat for a year. Rihanna is literally iridescent.

19.2.2017 19:49:12 1

Lazy Sunday...for some. Tarks is making the most of having the bed to himself while I blitz my wardrobes and fill bin bags for the charity shop. Long overdue and very cathartic and all I can manage today in terms of diy/ housework because my headache is back The acupuncture worked it's magic for a lovely pain-free 5 days though, which I'm grateful for, and I'm back on Tuesday so hoping it can do the same again.

19.2.2017 19:08:20 2
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Although I have been #onplan recently, I have also been quite 'lapsydaisy' when it comes to being out & #countingsyns my main meals & at home I am following the plan, but when out & I know it's not on plan, I have been thinking f**k it I need to have a complete fresh start from weigh in tomorrow & go back to basics! I seem to be in a funk, which I think is from people keep comparing my changes to a friends, thinking I started loosing weight because of them & seeing how well they have done, which is not the case & what a lot of people don't know is I tried to start loosing weight 6 months before, her weight loss has just been quicker & more noticeable & I am a very private person & don't openly discuss myself...but the comments, questions & assumptions just annoy me so much & get me down, which I need to stop happening! But saying that I have had a clear out to help clear my head & 5 coats now swamp me! Literally are completely unwearable now & a bin bag full of clothes all ready for charity shop! I have ordered £120 of tops today but they are all in a size 12... 3sizes smaller than this time last year I still am not happy, but more comfortable than I was this time last year.. #offscalevictory #slimmingworlduk #slimmingworldjourney #backtobasics #yourjourneynooneelses #dontcomapreyourselftoothers #sw #swuk #slimmingworldlife #clearout #myjourney

19.2.2017 18:45:12 0

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