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I'm tryna put you in the worst mood ah✌🏽️ 4x5 @ 165 today🤗 7 months ago I tried 135 for the first time in a long time and was so proud I was able to get it up, 3 months after that I was still working at 135. I didn't even attempt anything higher until 3 months ago. It's insane the boxes we lock ourselves into. We throw away the key and settle for something being our "best", when the reality is, we can always do better. I was so afraid to try I'd make up excuses. My knees, back, hips, etc. but when it came down to it, I was allowing fear to control me and convince me that I couldn't. In the pass 3 months I've worked up to 185 one rep max and am busting them out at 165. Don't hold back on pushing further, just go for it. Go for it, and fail, go again, and fail, go until you get it people- then do more👊🏽 leggings are @athlenix code ✨faith15✨ takes 15% off! Song: "starboy"- @theweeknd 🎧 #workoutvideo  #bootybuilding  #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  #theweeknd  #starboy 

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Proud to announce that I have officially signed on to #TEAMBodybuildingcom  💪🏼💙 @Bodybuildingcom has literally been part of my fitness journey since the beginning, so this sponsorship means the absolute world to me🙏🏻 I always do my best to provide informative and entertaining content to you guys, but I can't recommend enough. It is an extremely valuable resource for anyone, at ANY point of their fitness journey-- There's ALWAYS more to learn🤓 I can't wait to continue educating, motivating, and inspiring others with this amazing company by my side💙 #Bodybuildingcom  #BestSelf  #MarieWoldFitness  #GrindAndBeGrateful 


The best glute workouts are usually the ugliest ones🙈 Training glutes (aka da booty aka da 🍑) is all about getting into that stretched position, and then maximizing the SQUEEEEZE👐🏼 Your butt should look ugly. Your muscles should burn. Training hard/effectively isn't supposed to be cute🙃 Exercise shown is called a "cable pull-through" but this is a variation that incorporates more knee flexion + hip drive (sometimes called a "squat through"), which changes it from a hamstring-dominant to a glute-dominant exercise. I always get insane activation and pump from this one🔥 As with any exercise, feel free to experiment with foot placement, tempo, grip, etc to find what feels best for you!! #WorkoutsWithRie  #CableSquatThrough  #CablePullThrough  #BootyGains  🍑🙌🏼 #MarieWoldFitness  #GrindAndBeGrateful  📹@victoriadariano

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Who needs a new competition suit?!?!👙 @sirenswimwear is having an awesome giveaway! She made my suit for the #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  and I won't be going anywhere else for my next ones! 💙 . All you need to do is repost this pic, tag @sirenswimwear & 3 friends! use the hashtag #sirenswimweargiveaway  so that they can find your entry! Good luck! 🙏🏼💙 #liftandbelifted 


Keep onnnn reading for some @gymshark sales as well as my current plans/goals after the #BodybuildingComSpokesmodelSearch  ! As much as I've loved traveling and adventuring the last couple of weeks, my heart of hearts loves structure. I am SO ready to be back in my routine, getting back to growing season now that my mini prep is over, and tackling a new set of goals 💪🏼 While an nice gym set may not make the work PHYSICALLY easier, a good outfit helps the mental side of things 😬. Annnnd just so you're aware, @gymshark // @gymsharkwomen is running some promos! Treat yoself to a little gym glam 😏. Here's what's up: 🔹£10/$12-ish off any set/colorway of the impulse pullover and joggers 👟 🔹Save £5/$6 when you buy any bralette and brief (the Calvin style undies) 🔹Buy any Crest hoodie/any printed leggings and receive a FREEEEEEE Tempo vest (£20/$24 when bought separately) Any time to save a dolla is a time to holla 🙌🏼😹. Shop via the clickable link in my bio! Leave a comment, tweet me, and snap me what y'all order 😼 (em_dunc for all social platforms). Happy Monday babes! Let's crush it 💙🐬 #IrrefutablePursuit  #Gymshark  #GymsharkWomen  #BestSelf  (Shoes: @adidas Ultra Boost | Headphones: Beats Solo 3 wireless)


@approvedbybrooks - I can finally say that I made the pilgrimage to the Mecca! This was by far the best experience and to put a cherry on top.... I met @schwarzenegger #dropsmic  #approvedbybrooks  #approvemymacros  #weightlossmotivation  #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  ##motivation  #inspiration  #bodybuilding  #goldsgym  #vtaper  #fitfam  #fitness  #fitspiration  #gains  #aesthetics  #smile  #npc  #ifbb  #justdoit  #flexfriday  #atlanta  #fitnessmodel  #transformstiontuesday  #flex  #abs  #physique  #fitnessjourney 


#Repost  @em_dunc with @repostapp ・・・ Anotha one from that show day glam from the #BodybuildingComSpokesmodelSearch  becauuuuse I uploaded my video from finals this morning! I put a direct link in my bio, so please go give it a watch 😊 So sad that the search is over, but part of why I love YouTube is that it's yet another way for me to document where I've been and what I've done 💙🙏🏼 #IrrefutablePursuit  #TenacityIntensityPurpose  Bikini 👙: @lidia_gurley Makeup ✨: @jessicakeehus


Yesterday's hiking essentials: sunnies 🕶, comfy shoes, a hair tie for the wind, and @pescience #AminoIV  😋 [supplement FAQ & discount below] • Amino IV is a combination of BCAAs + EAAs + electrolytes to keep you hydrated, prevent muscle breakdown, and promote recovery. It an be found on💙 Discount code: MARIE. My favorite flavor? MANGO🍹 • About the product: Your body needs a complete amino acid profile in order to build and repair muscle, so a BCAA supplement is beneficial between meals, as well as before/during intense training, or if you are doing cardio fasted (without eating before). Note: BCAAs are NOT something you want to sip on throughout the day, the whole point of it is to spike/elevate MPS which won't happen if you don't take in a full serving at once. • While NOT necessary (no supplements are), AminoIV is one of the "staple" supplements I would recommend to people. It's 100% safe (you get amino acids through food already!), tastes amazing, and is super easy to incorporate into your day💪🏼 One thing that sets Amino IV apart from other BCAAs supplements is that it contains 5g of Leucine per serving. Leucine has been found to be the most important amino acid with regards to spiking MPS (muscle protein synthesis), with 5g being the optimal dosage. As with all PEScience products, the formula is backed by real studies, and all ingredients have a purpose🤓🔬 • Hope that's some useful info! Comment below and tag a friend if you learned something new👇🏼 #BrainGains  #PEScience  #PhysiqueEnhancingScience  #PESAthlete  #SelectTheBest  #BestSelf 

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I'm now exactly 5 weeks out from competing in classic physique/bodybuilding with the OCB. People keep asking me why I'm doing this. They ask me how I can give up alcohol and going out to eat. Or how can I stand weighing out all my food and essentially living at the gym. The other night, I finally realized my answer... I've been training and passionate about fitness for over half of my entire life. How can I not compete in something that has meant so much to me for so long.#ocb  #posing  #fitnesslifestyle  #fitnessaddict  #fit  #fitness  #fitnessmotivation  #fitnessjourney  #fitnesscompetitor  #fitnesscompetition  #bodybuilding  #fitlife  #fitlifestyle  #bodybuilder  #bodybuildingcom  #bodybuildingmotivation  #macros  #diet  #fitfood  #bodygoals  #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  #muscle  #gym  #gymmotivation  #gymlife  #gymrat  #lifting  #weights  #back 


Fitted in some fresh @alphalete 🐺💙 These Evo long sleeves just launched in 4 colors! Plus 7 short sleeve colors, and 5 different Core hoodies🙏🏻 I wear a small in everything (men's sizing) and tie them up in the back for a comfy cute look🎀 ➡️ [shorts are not out yet, but coming soon!] #Alphalete  #AlphaleteAthletics  #AlphaleteAthlete  📸@christianguzmanfitness


Still hasn't really sunk in that THE MECCA of bodybuilding is now my "home gym" 🙀 The energy and intensity there is on another level, and it's even better when you have a good training partner👯 Met/lifted with @victoriadariano tonight and it was such a blast!! As someone who typically trains alone, it's always good to partner up from time to time to learn new things, push the intensity, and of course make new friends🤗 Outfit details: • @alphalete long sleeve (DROPPING TOMORROW) • @solandselene bag (discount code: MARIE) • @lululemon hat/leggings/leg warmers • @adidas kicks #MarieWoldFitness  #GrindAndBeGrateful 


Recipies are going up on my channel tomorrow morning. Had some killer workouts this week with my boys. Also, I will have openings for personal training on February 15. Contact me for info and application!


I can finally say that I made the pilgrimage to the Mecca! This was by far the best experience and to put a cherry on top.... I met @schwarzenegger #dropsmic  #approvedbybrooks  #approvemymacros  #weightlossmotivation  #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  ##motivation  #inspiration  #bodybuilding  #goldsgym  #vtaper  #fitfam  #fitness  #fitspiration  #gains  #aesthetics  #smile  #npc  #ifbb  #justdoit  #flexfriday  #atlanta  #fitnessmodel  #transformstiontuesday  #flex  #abs  #physique  #fitnessjourney  #fitgirls  #girlswholift  #lafitexpo 

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From that first time you slid into my DMs and "claimed me" as your friend in 2014, to standing on stage together as part of the #BodybuildingComSpokesmodelSearch  , we have shared so many memories. Ups and downs, highs and lows, all of it. I am so thankful to have had a friend like you to eat chips and guac with, drink mojitos with, grow as athletes and businesswomen with, and grow in life with. No matter how far apart we are, we always find our way back together 💙. Cheers to over two years of #TeamTato  😂🙏🏼👯🥔 Landed back in Lou and still in my feels over the past 2-ish weeks of my life 😭 I could rant for a while... but for now, go check out the new YouTube video I posted this morning on and I will collect my thoughts in the meantime 😂


My favorite place in the world. Loved coming back to talk to the people behind @bodybuildingcom today - legitimately the sweetest, most supportive group of individuals. BBCOM is a big family, so thank you to all of you for welcoming me in 🤗

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This is brilliant... good too see a show having a bit of fun. Every show I've been to is a bit boring, if this happened at a show I were watching it would be way more entertaining! #Repost  @jesshilgenberg with @repostapp ・・・ When you make 5 shredded @bodybuildingcom male spokesmodels pose on stage like bikini girls 😂🙈😂👙#bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  💙


Squad goals: achieved 💪🏼✔️ [select your squad below] I'm so blessed to have this epic group of people in my life🙏🏻 Every single one of them is an amazing human, through and through❤ Can you name everyone?! If not, they're all tagged. And I wanna know.... who in the picture you would: 1. Catch a workout with 2. Eat some bomb food with 3. Travel to a foreign country with 4. Tell a secret to 5. Raid their closet 6. Be their roommate Tag them in the comments below!👇🏼 Thanks to @emilyhaydenfitness for letting me steal her caption idea😇 I can't wait to see who y'all pick!


Just sent @em_dunc off to the airport😢 but it's not "goodbye", just "see you soon". We're already planning our next trip together💕🤗 Because when you find a friend who always supports you, motivates you, AND laughs at all of your jokes... you keep them👭 @em_dunc So glad I slid into your DMs way back when📬


Today is GUNS day 💪🏻 (and calves cuz small). Full workout below - all movements can be found on the BodySpace app 😜☝🏻 _ 1️⃣ Calf Raises (4 x 15-20) 2️⃣ Zottman Curls (4 x 10), superset w/ 3️⃣ Overhead Tricep Ext w/ DB (4 x 10) 4️⃣ Spider Curls (4 x 8-10) superset w/ 5️⃣ Skullcrushers (4 x 10) 6️⃣ Cross Body Hammer Curls (4 x 8-10) 7️⃣ Weighted Dips (4 x 8-12) 8️⃣ Calf Press on Leg Press Machine (4 x 12-15) _ ▪️I start all workouts with 4 sets of pull-ups ▪️My first set of each movement is a drop set ▪️For full videos of me performing workouts like this, hit up my YouTube channel (Link in bio) ▪️Hit me with any questions below fammm 👇🏻

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Airport bathroom selfie or it didn't happen 😂 Unexpected trip back to Boise/BBCOM headquarters - seriously so excited to be asked back to share my story with the entire company. I've said from day 1 why @bodybuildingcom has played such a huge role in my life and I can't wait to tell that story to the people who made it possible. 💕🙌🏼


Bikini of the day, evening edition 😉💃💎#LidiaSwimwear  #custombikini  #Repost  @mariewoldfitness with @repostapp ・・・ Seeing everyone's stage shots from #NPCNationals  pre-judging last night has me missing the stage like crazy ☹️😢 Getting up there and showcasing months and YEARS of hard work is an indescribable feeling✨ I'm so happy for every girl that made it up there, and I'm super excited about having a shot at getting on stage in January for the @bodybuildingcom spokesmodel search!!! But I need YOUR help to get there 🤗 I hate feeling like I'm bugging y'all about it daily (I'm the type of person who would rather take twice as long to do everything without help bc I don't wanna be a burden😂), but it's by votes alone, so I truly can't do it without you🙏🏻 Please take a moment to support me and my goal by clicking the link in my bio! Every vote helps ❤️ [make sure you follow the instructions, and scroll down to the bottom to click "submit"] THANK YOU SO MUCH😘 #MarieWoldFitness  #GrindAndBeGrateful  #NPCBikini  @bodybuildingcom @trainmag #Bodybuildingcom  #BodybuildingcomSpokesmodelSearch  #BestSelf 


A ton is changing in my life right now, but things that will always remain the same: 1) my love for training and 2) my love for @PEScience products 💪🏼💙 [review + discount below] I have been taking a scoop of #Prolific  pre-workout lately and I have nothing but amazing things to say about it😍 Such good energy, focus, and pumps!! Everything you need to have a killer workout🙌🏼 [As always, you can save 30% on your entire order when you enter code MARIE at checkout💕] While you definitely do not need a pre-workout (or any supplement for that matter), Prolific will bring your training sessions to the next level😈 Your energy is smooth and focused, so you feel very "in the zone", your mind-muscle connection is UNREAL, and you get a sick pump👌🏼 My favorite flavor is mango, but they're honestly all delicious!! I like to do 1 scoop Prolific + 1.5 scoops Amino IV for optimal performance and recovery🏋🏼‍♀️ Feel free to ask any of your PEScience/supplement questions below, I'm happy to help!! #MarieWoldFitness  #GrindAndBeGrateful  #PEScience  #SelectTheBest  #BestSelf  #BePardomas  @bepardomas_


I've had a BodySpace account since 2014, and was pretty active on it at first but fell off the wagon. But keeping up with this year's #BodyBuildingcomSpokesmodelSearch  has motivated me to get back on! This is definitely the best way for me to track my journey and actually see changes in my strength, and connect with other people at the same time! If you have a @bodybuildingcom BodySpace account, let's be friends! ☺️❤🙌🏼 Give me a follow (search KaraHoward03). #bestself  #2017bbcomspokesmodelsearch  #fitfriends  #americanwoman 


A lil' bit of glam tonight to celebrate the opening of @neptunesrawbar with a bunch of my favorite people🎆 Outfit details are tagged💕 Edit: @em_dunc and I didn't even plan to have matching captions but #TatoTelepathy  is real😂


As @bradleymartyn said, in 2017 STOP talking about it and START doing it! So I took that advice and decided to not be a chicken shit and go up and congratulate the winner of the @bodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcomspokesmodelsearch  🥇🏆 @nickcheadlefitness So nice and genuine... and Australian, so naturally I let him do all the talking 🙊 - P.S sorry @bradleymartyn for tagging you in a post about another guy, lord knows I can't wait for the day I meet you! 🤞 - • #fityyb  #macros  #macrofriendly  #iifym  #iifymgirls  #flexibledieting  #reversedieting  #balance  #nutrition  #eatsmarttrainhard  #workout  #fitness  #inspiration  #motivation  #gym  #gymlife  #fitspo  #bodybuildingcom  #npc  #iselectthebest  #bestself  #pushharder  #trainsmarter  #wonderwomanmentality  #igniteyourfire  #igniteyourpassion  #neversettle 


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