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So a DIFFERENT approach to #transformationtuesday (Possible trigger warning discussing eating disorders so if this will trigger you please dont read on.) . on the left I was BATTLING my eating disorder at its DARKEST moments. Life was so blurred. My life revolved around EXERCISE and NUMBERS. I'd COUNT steps if I were to WALK, I'd lay out my FOOD in order of how I was eating it and then only take 1 BITE of each bit I cut up. I was OBSESSED with becoming INVISIBLE. All I wanted was to CHANGE who I was when after my TRAUMA. I wanted CONTROL and the only way I GAINED that was by deciding what I did to MY body. But fast forward a couple of years and my ED created new COPING mechanisms. I began to find COMFORT in food like once before when I weighed 252lbs at my HEAVIEST, but I was making myself so ILL this time. I found an ADRENALINE rush in BINGING/PURGING when others were around. I felt so in CONTROL that I was able to CON my loved ones into thinking I was going to the toilet or taking the rubbish out. It was a GAME. The better I could hide it the more EMPOWERED I felt. So none of these transformation pictures are GOOD, I wanted to show others that even a SMILE can hide dark SECRETS and that EATING DISORDER DON'T have to LOOK like the girl on the LEFT. DISCLAIMER: I am no longer either of these girls. I am on my way to defeating this illness once and for all. . . #edfam #edrecovery #edwarrior #edsoldier #ednosrecovery #binge #prorecovery #recovery #mentalhealth #mentalillness

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Older, bloated picture. I feel so bad. I had a meeting with the headteacher yesterday and he basically said that I can either make it that I'm in every day (no matter how my mental health is) or I'm not healthy enough to be in sixth form and he would kick me out. I can't do this. I'm sitting in medical science and I'm crying and I have a damn full day of lessons. I can't be here. I am alone, I haven't made even one friend in nearly 2 years. I am really behind on all the work and I just can't do this, I can't catch up. I can't ask for help and even when I do I just get told to have a look on the computers, which doesn't help one single bit. I can't do this. I can't be here. I want to get out of here. #weight #weight gain #weight loss #bodycheck #fat #depressed #depressing #depression #suicide #suicidal #secretsociety #cry #crying #alone #lonely #fast #eat #eatingdisorder #ana #mia #ed #diet #binge #binge eating #anorexia #bulimia

Stavo riflettendo... Quando il nostro fare nella vita di tutti i giorni porta in sé il concetto della resa, ossia quando non c’è più un no a ciò che accade, iniziamo a muoverci con la vita, e non contro. La qualità della resa è che non c'è resistenza: fino a che non c’è uno stato di resa, cioè un riconoscimento che le cose sono come sono, noi continuiamo ad opporci alla vita: cerchiamo di controllarla, manipolarla, dirigerla. Quando c’è un sì, quando c’è l’accoglienza interiore, senza nessun muro, opposizione, allora il movimento avviene insieme. E ti sorprendi, perchè cominci a muoverti in sincronia con la vita: una cosa accade, e tu la segui, e usi la forza stessa della vita per muoverti. Avanti tutta! Chiara Pi. #sipuoguarire ✔@chiarasolems ✔MondoSole ✔ pagina FaceBook ✔ Tag. #credercisempre #arrendersimai #avantitutta #lottadca #famedivita #doloreinvisibile #disturbialimentari #anorexia #eatingdisorder #ana #Mia #ed #depression #eatingdisorder s #psicologia #psicoterapia #binge #anoressia #bulimia #mentalhealth #recovery #binge eating #togetherwecan #edrecovery #mondosole #nonseiunnumero #maimollare #disturbidelcomportamentoalimentare #dca

when you're so obsessed with a book that you buy the paperback

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"The places where you have the biggest challenges in your life becomes the places where you have the most to give, if you do your inner work."

Really late breakfast with cereal, soya yogurt and raspberries all covered by cinammon! I over slept this morning so I missed the workout that I had planned I had a little binge last night, due to the frustration that my job is causing me. I work in a really busy restaurant, where I eat everyday, which caused my gaining of weight. On the bright side today is the last day before holiday,so I'll be having a wonderful week to dedicate to myself, fitness and my boyfriend! It's not the end of the world if I missed this morning or if I binged last night, it only means that I need to fight harder for my goals. #bbg#badday #binge #breakfast #kaylaitsines #waitresslife #needtosleep #lastdaybeforeholiday

So lately I've been thinking about saying goodbye to my iPhone and going back to a good old non-smartphone. I'm just so tired of all the negativty on social media. Everybody seems to be offended about something ALL THE TIME. And to be honest I find this so draining. I also want to learn to live in the moment again instead of snapchatting the moment. And last but not least I have the tendency to google all of my little health issues and that just isn't healthy for me right now (the result always freaks me out lol ) Just something I'm thinking about, but I haven't entirely made up my mind yet. Mostly because I love making posts for this account and interacting with you guys (but maybe I could post every now and then with my bf's phone 🤔) And because it's obviously not handy not to be able to check my mails, look up opening hours, etc. Keep you all posted! ❤ #mixedemotions

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