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133/365 ~ today I am grateful for the following quote "Yoga works by creating a mind . body . connection . ...... A John Hopkins Study came out confirmed cancer cannot live in a high oxygen environment. Interestingly enough, neither can anxiety or depression. It goes without saying if we take deeper breaths, if we learn to breath fuller experiences of ourselves, we can actually pattern or re-pattern and heal and move towards wholeness . wellness and fullness." -Shannon Paige ✨ this quote took hold of the finest spark deep inside trying to find its way through the depression which has been all consuming of late • it has taken this spark, gave it a big hug and sprinkled it with hope and life and for this very moment in time allowed me to continue on the path of self healing tonight I will practice pranayama and meditation and continue to live another day thank you thank you thank you ✨🦋 #365gratefulproject #yoga #breath #prana #love #light #happiness #mentalhealth

Day 126: yummy tea from good friends. It's still SO COLD in my house, so I go through a lot of tea these days... more so than usual, which is saying something.

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Day 125: No filter needed for that blue sky! Love the breaks of sunshine throughout these rainy couple of days. ️️

23/365 - Kindergarten homework usually has me ripping my hair out. But some days, there's cute moments like this.

Dia 23 de 365 - Hoje sou grata por me identificar com o meu pai. Tenho muito dele. Papis pegou um (a) gato (a) preto (a) pelo rabo, enquanto o bichinho/a bichinha pulava um muro, pensando que fosse a minha gata Luna ( Ela ainda não apareceu...). Ela/ele miou. Arranhou os braços de papis e mordeu o dedo dele, que tá inchado. O bichano fugiu. Temos dúvidas pq o gatinho (a) estava sem coleira... Tivemos esperanças hoje e dúvidas. Mas a dose de fé continua! #365gratefulproject #365gratitude #365dias #gratidão #2017 #sóporhoje #fé #esperança

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Gratidão dia 221. Confiar que tudo tem um motivo.... #365diasdegratidão #365gratefulproject #umagradecimentopordia

DAY 20: Another late day at the office. Just grateful for being ALIVE #appreciatinglife #365gratefulproject #day20 #learnfromthebad #isthiswhatyouwanted

It was a quick dinner tonight with my boys fighting this crud but still I'm thankful to have a kitchen to cook in and food to cook #365gratefulproject

Tag a friend who makes a difference in your life. Inspiration from @flowingbody

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I am grateful for the strong and empowered girls portrayed in kids films at the moment. Thank you @disney for showing our girls that they don't need to be princesses waiting for a white knight to make their lives better, but they have the power within. #365gratefulproject #day21

Day 11 of 365. I am grateful I have a love of reading. No doubt having a teacher as a mum helped this a lot. This was my haul from the lifeline bookfest which should keep me going for a while. #yearlongchallenge #365gratefuldays #365gratefulproject

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