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Selena is better than Bella lol


@kaitdiethelm selena's a fucking snake.

queen bella my fav

Hooking up with someone doesn't mean they're a snake @alyssadiethelm

Is it just me... Selena is all over him and he looks like he is bored... why?!?

If a friend of mine and my ex started a relationship, I would be at least frustrated and I wouldn't like to see the girl in my feed. It's not drama, it's girls logic. It has always been this way, why so much hate against Bella? She's the one hurting in the middle of it all. I wish Sel and Abel to be happy but don't attack Bella when she did nothing wrong

@w.iiam Selena la pute

@m.arxia graaave bitch

@zumbagirl28 Yes, same

she was never following her... 😂

Selena is just gonna get hurt. Her don't even love her

@demetvural_ @yaseminvural__

@elvnn.hrdy @demetvural_ snaakkeesselena 🐍🐍😂

Snakelena @yaseminvural__ @elvnn.hrdy

@dwam8 petty 😁

@lauren.jongue it is when he's an ex from a friend

basic selala


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