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Whose orange dress do you love best? πŸ’– β€’ β€’THANK YOU FOR 54K! #kimkardashianΒ  #kimkΒ  #kimkardashianstyleΒ  #kimkardashianwestΒ  #kimkardashΒ  #kourtneykardashianΒ  #kourtneykΒ  #kourtΒ  #kourtkΒ  #kyliejennerΒ  #kyliejennerstyleΒ  #kyliejΒ  #kendalljennerΒ  #kendalljennerlookΒ  #kendallΒ  #jennerΒ  #khloekardashianΒ  #khloekardashianstyleΒ  #khloekΒ  #khloeΒ  #kardashianΒ  @kimkardashian @khloekardashian @kourtneykardash @kyliejenner @kendalljenner

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At Saint's birthday party I realized I'm going to be expected to drop everything to celebrate him once a year, every year for the rest of my life. Just another thing that they don't tell you when you get a sibling.

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Growing season. I scrutinized these pictures for quite a while wondering if I could see any change. As an ectomorph with a small frame and fairly fast metabolism, gaining strength and muscle is a very slow process. It's easy to get frustrated at my lack of progress, my slow growth, the months and months it takes to get stronger. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't share my progress because I didn't lose 20lbs or gain tons of muscle mass, but this is my progress, this is what I'm capable of when I'm trying my hardest. Although the changes are small, and some people won't notice any change at all, I see a little progress and growth, and that's enough for me. --The next time you're discouraged by your progress (or lack thereof) because it isn't "enough" of something, remember that your progress is always valid, simply because it is yours. Whether you've gained or lost 1 pound or 100 pounds, that growth and change is still worthy of acknowledgement. You're working for that change and you deserve to be proud of it. This is not a contest for who can change the most the fastest. This is about bettering yourself in whatever way you want, at whatever pace you can.


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